Saturday, August 20, 2016

Volendam to Amsterdam

It was a fun evening in Volendam, experiencing the Dutch fishing village on the sea.  
This was taken from my hotel room.

The next morning, brought gray skies and a 30 minute ferry ride to Markem.

Joel and Julie fighting the wind and the rain on the way to the lighthouse.
The lighthouse.
Much of the day it was raining, sometime driving rain with wind.  It was not terribly enjoyable, but it was memorable.  
Stopped along the way to say hi to the cows.
It took us along a dyke and we finally stopped in Durgerdammerdijk for some time to eat (croquettes for me!) and drink some hot coffee.   

We were able make it to our hotel, but it was a pretty wet ride, sometimes the wind drove the rain and sometimes it was just raining really hard.  I was glad to see our hotel.

Made it to the hotel, a little wet. :) 
Our hotel had art on the walls as you can see from the background in the above picture and the walls in the entry.

The final day was a wet, rainy day, but still was a great way to see the country.  Each day I felt blessed that I was able to do this trip with Joel and Julie.

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