Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Getting the bicycle tour started

One more picture I took in Utrecht.  It's a monument of Queen Wilhelmina.  She was the queen of The Netherlands when my parents lived there.  I don't know if it's a great representation of her, she looks sort of small and bundled in this statue.
Sunday, August 7th, we moved from Utrecht to Amsterdam.  We went to the hotel where our bicycles were.  This was a train ride to Amsterdam.

Central station in Amsterdam
Central Station in Amsterdam
Canal cruises
Sunday afternoon, we decided to try out our bicycles and took a bit of a ride down the road.

Monday morning, we had our maps ready to go.  Our destination was our hotel for Monday evening, in Haarlem.  
Our first stop was to see the Anne Frank House.  We did not have tickets to tour the house, but we decided to bicycle past it.  
Anne Frank House
Streets of Amsterdam
Along the way to Haarlem 
One garden, very beautiful
A beautiful day for a bicycle ride 
St Bravo Church in Haarlem

Market in the square

One of the streets in Haarlem
In honour of those who were involved in The Resistance 1940-1945.
Haarlem station taken from my hotel room
Close up of Haarlem station
Our first day of bicycling was a great day.  The weather was wonderful and the scenery was quite beautiful.  I'm thankful for this opportunity to explore this country.  

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