Thursday, March 31, 2016


Today was a very beautiful, sunshiny day!  I couldn't resist going out for a bicycle ride.  My approach is to hop on the bicycle and just go until I get to a point where I want to return.  Today I ended up going to the Arkawa.  
The total ride was 52 km.  It was primarily along Kurome-gawa, which can be for nice riding, although there were spots where many families were sitting and picnicking, which also means there were a lot of people walking along the paths.  Once I was about 25 km down the river, I decided to turn around and make my way back.  I also decided to take a couple of pictures on my way back. 

 There was a golf course along the river.  I don't see many golf courses, but a lot of driving ranges.  
The greens and fairways looked rather dry.
Driving range
 This is where I left the Arakawa. 

Solar panels.
Sometimes the path was rather narrow.
Flowers coming out of the retaining wall.
I was on the bicycle for about three hours.  I really enjoyed my bicycle ride, and was able to marvel at God's creation.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Flowers

As you may be able to tell, I am on spring break from school.  That means being able to do some different things and create a couple of posts.  The last week or so, I've been taking pictures of some of the blossoms that are just starting to come out.  They aren't in full bloom in many of the places, but they sure are starting to look pretty.  
Enjoy the signs of spring here in Tokyo.  

I love spring, mostly because it means warmer weather.  I also love spring, because it usually brings new life.  Easter, one of my favorite days of the year, is also in the spring.  It reminds me of my new life in Christ!  

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

On the 28th of each month, there is a temple sale in Kawagoe.  A temple sale is kind of like a neighborhood sale that is held at the temple.  I enjoy visiting the temple sale, because sometimes you find great items.  I found a ceramic pillow once.  Actually I bought it without having a clue what it was.  There is usually a lot of fabric that is sold, primarily for kimonos. I don't look for kimono fabric to wear a kimono, but use the fabric for other things.  

Today the VanderHaak's invited me to go along with them to the temple sale in Kawagoe.  
Just outside the temple area
A part inside the temple area
Here are the pieces I ended up purchasing today.  
A large bottle, possibly a sake bottle.

A large jar.  
Kokeshi dolls.  Three different kinds, which means they are probably from three different areas in Japan. (Ignore the laundry hanging in the back!)
After we had perused the booths, we hopped in the vehicle and went to Kona Coffee Hawaiian pancake Cafe for brunch.  They have delicious coffee and great pancakes.  
The sign said it opened at 10 am and true to form at exactly 10 am on the dot, the doors opened!
It was a very filling meal.  I would recommend it.  
I couldn't resist taking this picture.  It was on the way back home.  Three small cars parked side by side.  Aren't they just cute?  
It was a good Monday of spring break!  I'm so thankful for weeks like this that allow for different activities outside of the weekend.  

Airi Ballet Studio presents Coppélia

At Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), a number of students are involved in activities outside of school.  One of our grade eight students has been in ballet for years.  The past couple of summers, she has gone to New York City, on her own, to participate in, I believe is a ballet school.  She has received a full scholarship.  This summer, she has a choice of going to three different schools in three different cities around the world.  

It was a privilege for my friend, Tamara and I to attend one of her performances, Sunday, March 27th.  we were at the Itabashi Bunka Kaikan (板橋区立文化会館大ホール) near the Oyama train station.  The program began with a recital with the various students dancing pieces in groups beginning with the youngest group, who were so terribly cute to what you could tell by their grace and level of difficulty, the experienced group.  All were showcasing their dancing abilities, whether the traditional ballet dances to the contemporary dances. There was a short intermission and they presented Coppéllia.  It was a three hour performance with introductions and program all in Japanese, but it was a very enjoyable evening!  Here are some pictures I took throughout the evening.  

Program Cover
Stage before the first performance

Our grade 8 student

Our grade 8 student.  Her teacher is behind her.
Coppéllia begins

Final Bow
A great way to spend an evening!