Sunday, September 1, 2019

My days in Maryland

I left on a Monday to fly across the continent to Maryland.  It took me through Minneapolis for a quick change in planes.
My first night was in a hotel in Crystal City, near the Ronald Reagan Airport.  The next day I went over to the Bratt's.  I took a few walks in the nearby Sligo Creek Park.
There were a lot of deer there, but I heard they did some culling the last few months.  I was always amazed at the wildlife that live so near a city.
I chose one day to take a trip down to The Mall.  My goal was to visit one of the new museums.

 I was able to get into the African American Museum.  It was my first time, a very interesting place to visit.

We even had a Cake Walk at CAJ this past spring.

 Being downtown I had to walk down the mall to see some of the monuments. 

 To my surprise, I found a memorial to the Japanese Americans during World War 2.

I am really grateful to God that I am able to pop back to Maryland every other year to catch up with friends. It was a very good visit and I enjoyed walking through the African American Museum.  Looking forward to my next visit.  

Lavender fields forever...

I am now just catching up with what I did this summer.  During the last days, in Abbotsford, before heading to Maryland, I went to visit a farm where they grow lavender and other flowers as well.  It is free, open to the public.  They have created a great place to wander with places where you can sit.  There is also a store that sells various lavender products. 

 I caught this bee being busy about getting pollen for its honey. 

 I tried the lavender ice cream, but I would say it was not my favorite, I probably wouldn't recommend it, maybe one scoop or so.  It was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  I give credit to Joyce for letting me know about this place. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Abbotsford Visit

This is the summer I fly to North America.  I have been blessed to be able to come every other year or so and reconnect with friends, family and supporters.  The longer I live in Japan, the more I am able to see the many changes each time I return, new roads, new buildings, new people to meet.  It is usually a good visit.

The first stop on my trip this time is Abbotsford, British Columbia.  I was able to reconnect family and friends.  What was great was there were some people I saw that I haven't seen for a very long time!  It was a fun 11 days.

To get to Narita airport, I usually end up taking 3 trains.  This is the Skyliner from Nippori to the airport.

I am so fortunate that I am able to purchase a direct flight to Vancouver, BC.  It is much nicer to know that when you get off the plane, you are at your destination.

I took a walk in the Mt. Lehman area.  I loved the open fields.

While I was in Abbotsford, I had the opportunity to go with Dave and Margaret VanderWal to their Ranch in Merritt, BC.  What a beautiful location and a great respite.  They took me quadding around their property, but unfortunately, I didn't take my camera.  :( 

This is the quad I used

Memories... My dad sold De Laval products.
There was a creek/river that ran through their property.  Quite serene. 

It was great to see this place, as I have heard about it from a few people, I was looking forward to visiting.  It did not disappoint.  Now onto the next part of my North American visit.