Thursday, April 30, 2015

Personal Day

Today was supposed to be the day that I go down to the Canadian Embassy to hand in my passport so I can get a new one.  Sometimes the best laid plans fall flat.  So, what can you do?  Make the best of a personal day...

Dishes drying in the trays.
I have been meaning to do my dishes the last couple of days, but time just seemed to pass me by, so this morning, one of the first things I did was my huge pile of dishes. 
Another thing I did was take a walk with Woman's and Man's best friend, Hana along the river. 
Women's and Man's best friend, Hana!
Walking along the Yanesegawa.
I always find the walk along the river such a great opportunity to see God's handiwork, the beauty in creation.
Dogwood tree, British Columbia official flower.
Dandelions!  Weeds or flowers?  :)
Beautiful canopy.
The duck just woke up!
Another great reason to walk along the river, is it allows both Hana and I to wade into the water.  We have this one spot where we usually go to wade.  I wore the correct shoes today and was able to wade in with Hana. 
Doesn't she look happy?
After my walk with Hana, I went home to have some lunch and met up with a friend who has access to Yokota Air Force Base.  We went out to Yokota and just hung out and had some Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
For dinner we went to Chili's where I had some tacos, yum!  I am home now and getting my head around my school day tomorrow.  I am thankful for this day! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday they started putting up the scaffolding around Matsukawa Place.  They are scheduled to clean up the outside of Matsukawa Place.  What really is quite amazing is the way they have put all this scaffolding up in the last two days.  It's like a puzzle they have put together, all around the building.  They will be hanging the blue tarp from the top all the way down to the ground.  Once that is up, my view will definitely be affected. 
Looking to the right off of my balcony.
Looking to the left off of my balcony.
See the blue tarp?  This is looking up on the left.
Right in front of my balcony.
Looking down to the left. 
Once this cleaning is completed, I'm pretty sure Matsukawa Place will look pretty nice! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Egg Drop and day 1 of Thrift Shop

Today was the first day of Thrift Shop at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ).  This day is usually a Friday, with a half day of school.  We follow a half day schedule, which means each of the classes are about 25 minutes, so we have the full slate of classes over the course of a half day. 
Sometimes these half days will allow for other activities such as Science project day or field day.  Today it was Egg Drop day.  Each of our Middle School students had to design a container that would be able to hold a raw egg.  The idea is to have their container with the egg, drop from CAJ's third floor balcony and hopefully the egg would not break.  Any eggs that survived, would be cooked up and they can eat it.  Here are some pictures of the egg drop. 
Grade 12 Science students helping out.
Third Floor balcony
Audience watching on the bleachers

Blue tarp to catch any messes.
See the black box?  That's one of the containers.
Phew the egg survived!
Can you see the egg drop container?
Recording the results.
Egg didn't survive this time.
Taken from the second floor.
This Thrift Shop the MS Band decided to prepare a Flash Mob.  Beginning at 12:15 pm, the first student began playing and others would continue to come and join.  It was fun to watch this happening.  There were a few cameras ready to video tape this, but I was up on the third floor balcony and video taped it.

It was a very busy day with lots of activity.  Saturday morning, I will be going to Thrift Shop to help out when the public is able to come and shop.  It'll be a busy four plus hours, but it will also be fun.