Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Haarlem to Zaandam

Our second day continued from Haarlem to Zaandam.  The day started out cloudy and a bit wet, but by the end of the day, the sky was very blue and a lovely day.  This was the day of the windmill.  We were able to visit some pretty neat villages.  This day we went past a number of windmills that tourists were able to visit.  It is called the Zaanse Schans.  We also had to catch our first ferry to cross the river.
Windmill in Haarlem (I apologize for the angle of the windmill.  I was taking it while on my bicycle.)
Crossing on the ferry
A couple of the windmills on the Zaanse Schans
Bicycling into Zaandam was a very pleasant experience.  We bicycled along one of the canals in the industrial section of Zaandam.  Zaandam is known for industrialization and one of it's products is cocoa.  Yes, we smelled cocoa off and on for a kilometer or so.  
Our hotel in Zaandam was located by the train station, but there were also a street where there were a number great shops for souvenirs or for regular shopping, like clothes, shoes, furniture, groceries and chocolate.   :)  

The headboards in the rooms were pictures of some sort of industrialization company.  There was a mini-picture outside the door.  It was an interesting decor decision.

I have never been to Zaandam, but I found it a pleasant place to visit.  I enjoy the little themes the tour company shares in the booklets we received each day.  It's a fun way to see a country.

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