Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Mall in Washington, DC

Holly S. was able to meet me on The Mall in Washington, DC.  Since moving to Japan, I have realized that I do miss the ability to hop on the Metro and head down to see a museum or two in DC.  Monday, I took the opportunity to spend some time with Holly as well as visit some of the places I haven't seen for a while.  One of the places I had not been to before was the Freer Gallery of Art. This gallery has Asian art, Chinese, Korean, Middle East, Thailand and Japanese.  It's interesting to see Japanese art, that isn't in Japan. 

After visiting the Freer Gallery of Art, we walked past the Floral Library, which I never knew about!  Pretty interesting.   
Apparently it was a Tulip Library with a variety of tulips planted.  Thought it was interesting to have different flowers planted in this little area. 
Here are the multiple flowers in this library.
We continued along the Tidal Basin.  I could see the Thomas Jefferson memorial across the basin. 
There are cherry trees, or sakura, planted.  Some of these trees were a gift from Japan. 

Looks like Japanese lantern
As we walked along the Tidal Basin, we walked past the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  I was there before, but it was opening day and very busy. 
"Out of the Mountain of Despair a Stone of Hope"
We continued along our walk to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.  I enjoy this memorial because it's quite different from the others.  It is very wheelchair friendly, which would make sense since he was in a wheelchair for part of his life.  There are a few waterfalls which I think make it a peaceful place, which is ironic as he was president during World War II. 

This was taken across the basin toward the Martin Luther King Jr. 
See the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial?
Here is Washington, DC across the basin. 
The Washington Monument
We walked to the Korean Memorial.   

 We wandered past the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. 
Reflecting Pool
Lincoln Memorial
 The Vietnam Memorial tends to be hidden a bit, but it is interesting especially when you think of all the names on those walls. 
Vietnam Memorial
 It was on to the World War II Memorial.
Atlantic Side
Facing the Pacific side.  Love the fountains. 
Pacific side
We went to have some lunch at the Food Court in the Ronald Reagan Building and the International Trade Center.  I had a burrito from California Tortilla, YUM!  After lunch we went to the National Museum of American History.  Last time i was here it was closed for renovations.  I wanted to see what was new. 
The National Museum of American History entrance, The Mall side.
Didn't have a chance to really read what this was all about, but it had a lot of different vehicles.
Julia Child's Kitchen
Julia Child's Kitchen

1964 Ford Mustang
I did not get through the whole American History Museum and time was running short for me, but It looks like there was a lot more there and I barely scratched the surface. 
I am grateful that I was able to spend some tourist time in Washington, DC and spend time with friends! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dordt College and Sioux Falls, South Dakota

One of the things on my "to do" list this summer was to take a course at Dordt College.  It was only a one week course on Issues in Education.  There were pre-campus assignments and then work required during the week on campus.  Two years ago when I was moving across the continent in preparation to fly to Tokyo, Doug and Diane and I drove around the campus.  Prior to that, I lived on campus for 2 weeks, about 14 years ago.  A lot has changed on Dordt's campus.  It took a bit of getting used to when I arrived this time.  The campus is much larger now, a man who lived beside the campus, willed the land to Dordt.  There were buildings taken down and new ones erected.  Roads were replaced with green space and sidewalks.  Here are some pictures...
Welcome to Dordt College
Welcome sign for M.Ed. students.
The clocktower
Interesting in light of the Issues in Education Course.
I have the same thing on my ring.
This was here 12 years ago, but it's surrounding is a little different.
That sculpture is called The Gift
B.J. Haan Auditorium
John and Louise Hulst Library
East Hall, my first room at Dordt as an undergrad.
East Campus Apartments
The Commons, dining hall.
Campus Center.  The bookstore is in there.
Kuyper Apartments, where I stayed this past week.
De Witt Gymnasium where I went to work out each day.
I drove from Sioux Center, Iowa to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Friday, July 18th.  I thought I'd try and get some pictures of the corn and soy beans since there seemed to be a the popular crop. 
See the cows, outside?
Once I was in Sioux Falls, Saturday, Julie L. and I took a 20 mile bicycle ride around Sioux Falls.  It was a bit cloudy but a beautiful day to go for a bicycle ride. 
Julie riding ahead of me.
We were along a river most of the time.

A controlled water fall, looking up.
Looking down.
Some Canada geese on the side of the path.
The Falls along the Big Sioux River in Sioux Falls. 
In about an hour, I will be going to the Sioux Falls airport and travel to Baltimore to visit friends there for a couple of weeks.  I have been blessed to be able to travel so much this summer.  God has given me traveling mercies and pray that I may continue to have safe travels.