Friday, August 12, 2016


Growing up, I thought Langelaar was quite an usual last name.  I thought that anyone with the last name, Langelaar, would probably be related to me.  About 20 years ago, the internet became much more accessible to the public and Ad Langelaar contacted me to find out if our family lines crossed at all.   In 1998, I met Ad and Christa at the Dulles Airport in Virginia.  Since that time, Ad found out that we are not related, at least going back to the 1700's, but have kept in contact.
Ad and Christa saw that I was in the Netherlands and contacted me if we, Joel, Julie and I, wanted to meet up with them in Vinkeveen, where they have a boat, Nostalgie.
 We had a delicious dinner on shore prior to going on an a tour of the lake there in Vinkeveen.  
A polder 
Amsterdam in the distance.
Left to right, Winnie, Ad, Julie, Joel

The sun is setting
It was a very fun evening with Ad and Christa.  I am blessed that we remained in contact.  Thank you!

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