Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dutch food

One of the great things I've been able to enjoy is the food here.  Some of it brings back great memories from my childhood.  One of those foods is a sandwich with chocolate hagelslag.  Here's a picture of a half eaten sandwich...

Peanut butter and chocolate hagelslag sandwich
 Julie got me to try peanut butter with chocolate hagelslag.  It actually tastes pretty good.
Fish and chips aren't something I ate growing up a lot, but have come to love fish and chips.  
Joel and Julie had a typical dutch pannekoek for breakfast one day.  I had the typical English breakfast, which was two fried eggs, two pieces of toast, french fries, beans, bacon, sausages, and a salad.  Think that was enough for breakfast?  
I also had bitterballen or croquettes in the shape of balls.  Mustard is the sauce that many people dip the bitterballen in before biting them.  I, however, love to just eat them.  
The one thing we did almost daily was to stop at some sort of cafe for a coffee and some sort of snack.  The cafes here are quite quaint.  
Julie wasn't quite ready for a picture.  :)  
There were gevulde koek, botterkoek, droppies and other great foods.  Many trigger memories of growing up.  I will miss having access to these foods, but probably better for my health.  :)  

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