Saturday, August 29, 2015

Touring Japan

Two days after arriving in Tokyo, friends, Doug and Diane, came to visit Japan.  We took the first day to look at the school and just wander around Higashi Kurume.  That evening we went to watch the Seibu Lions vs Fukuoka Softbank Hawks baseball game.

It is always a special experience to attend a baseball game in Japan.  
I put the pictures taken that week into one movie.  Some of the places we stopped at were, Kawagoe, Tsurugajo Castle, a mountain village, the Fox Village, the fish market in Shiogama, and Sendai Daikannon. 

It was a pretty fun week, seeing a lot of different things here in Japan.  It was good to have them visit.  We already have our first week of school completed.  Hard to believe that time just flies by!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mt. Seymour

Saturday, July 25th was a day designated to go hiking out by Deep Cove in North Vancouver.  Joyce and Ozzy (her dog) picked me up and we headed on out.  When we arrived in Deep Cove, we found out there was some sort of race going on and we just couldn't find a parking space, so we decided to head up Mt. Seymour and look for possible trails there.  We did find a trail head and decided to just start and see where it took us.  We were unsure of which trail we were on and where it would lead.
Joyce and Ozzy
We ended up going to Flower Lake and Goldie Lake.  They are not very large lakes, but still were in a beautiful setting. 
Flower Lake

Flower Lake

Goldie Lake

Goldie Lake
We did figure out that there was a 50 km "run" happening.  Run is in quotes because they were probably not running much, as the terrain was really not such that they could do much running.
Trail by the lakes.
Trail by the lakes.
Trail returning to the car.

When we returned to the car, just a few meters away, there was a beautiful viewpoint of the western part of the Fraser Valley.  

It was another day of seeing God's beauty in creation.  What a wonderful world we live in and I am blessed to be able to experience so much of it! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Penticton 2015

I had a great visit in Salt Lake City, but my next flights to British Columbia were up.  The beginning of my flights was a bit rough, we were delayed by a couple of hours.  Fortunately, my layover in San Fransisco was long enough that it didn't have any impact on catching my next flight.
The first gate in Salt Lake City.  We had to switch gates when our plane was delayed.
San Fransisco
Getting ready to take off from San Fansisco
We had to wait for this plane to land before taking off.
I believe it's either Mt. Rainer or Mt. Shasta, not sure which...
 I have the opportunity to visit with many friends and family. The first few days I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law in Abbotsford. 

Cindy and I decided to take a couple day trip to Penticton.  It was quite a relaxing few days.  We went on the Coyote Cruises, which is basically sitting on an inner tube and floating down a canal.  It is a quiet and cool ride.  We also had a pool by the hotel and Okanagan Lake was basically across the road.

Okanagan Lake

This is the place where you start your ride on the inner tube down the canal.  It has very clear water.  

Pool where we stayed.
 We were fortunate there was a Tim Horton's just down the block.  One evening we went to get a coffee and picked up some Timbits at the same time. 
Here are some more pictures from our trip to Penticton.  The scenery was quite beautiful. 
One of the few float planes
Beautiful clear water

Street where our hotel was on.
It was a great couple of days of relaxation and I was able to see another part of God's creation.