Friday, May 15, 2015

O Canada!

I had the privilege of going to the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo today.  I finally gathered all my documents and pictures together, so I can get my passport renewed.  I have not been at the Canadian Embassy here in Tokyo, so I was excited to see what this Embassy looked like.  The building did have a certain Canadian flavor.  Here are some pictures I took while I was there. 

An interesting arc
The Embassy is on a fairly major thoroughfare.  As I walked from the Aoyama-Itchome station, you walk past this arc beside the sidewalk. 
In order to get into the building you have to go up this escalator. 
Looking down the escalator
The entrance
Provincial flags
After I went down, yes down to the 3rd floor, to drop off my application, payment, pictures and passport, to exit, you have to go back up to the entrance to exit the building.  Just outside of the entrance door, they have a large space with some art.  I took some pictures. 

Looks something like an Inukshuk
From the one end.
From the other end.

WAVE by Kantaroff Maryon
 I enjoyed my visit to the Canadian Embassy.  I love the art they have there.  There is a small gallery there as well.  I know each month I get an email with various exhibits.  I haven't gone to see any yet, but maybe I'll do that sometime soon. 
Afterwards, it was lunchtime, so I hopped on the train for one stop, and went to Wendy's for a burger. 

 By the way, Wendy's moved to a new location and they have made some changes to their menu.  One of the new things they offer are flavoured fries!  It was an interesting taste.  I can't remember, but I think I had butter and baked potato flavour. 

After lunch, I had a Kanto Plain Middle School Principal meeting.  It was a good meeting, lots of learning, gleaning ideas that maybe we can implement at CAJ. 

I came home still tired, even after doing what seemed to be less work, but it was still a productive day.  I am grateful that we have weekends at the end of a week. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

MS Track and Field Finals

Saturday May 2nd was the MS Track and Field Finals.  It was at Oi Futo Track, which is out near Haneda Airport.  It is about 40 kilometers one way to get from Higashi Kurume to Oi Futo track.  Bette has done this trip by bicycle before so I decided to go with her.  We started out at 5 am.
Just before Bette showed up. 
The sun had barely risen, but it was looking like it was going to be a beautiful day.  We were able to get to the field much quicker than we thought, taking us about 3 hours instead of 4 hours.  
CAJ settling in on the bleachers.
Running the 100 meter hurdles.
Students sitting down on track waiting for awards.
Students sitting down on track waiting for awards.

Giving out awards.
CAJ did a fine job in their events.  After the track meet, we rode back to Higashi Kurume. 
I was challenged to bicycle over the Ejima bridge near Matsue City, but that bridge is 758 km (471 miles) away.  I did ride on a bridge.  
Crossing some water.
It took us a bit longer going back, part of the reason is there is more traffic at that time of the day.  We also made a stop for dinner.  Bette and I noticed a little hole in the wall place on our way down to the track meet, called Baha Homemade Tacos.  You don't find too many places that sell authentic Mexican food.  We thought we'd try this little place, if we could find it back.  We did, although there were some doubts. 
It looked like a house in the middle of two tall buildings.  Half was this taco place the other half was a cleaners.
They even had a couple of seats inside.  We sat on a bench on the sidewalk.
I had a chicken burrito and it was delicious!  We also had a soft ice cream cone for dessert.  It's pretty authentic.  Now to remember where it is! 
Along the way, I noticed that the azalea's were coming out.  They were quite pretty. 
Here are a few more pictures as we were heading back.  I have to admit that these pictures were taken with my iPhone.  It isn't as easy taking photos as you're bicycling with an iPhone as with a camera. 
Someone must love aliens!

Bicycling past a bus station.
It was a long day, but the weather was very nice, maybe got a little too much sun, but a great day.  You would have thought with all those natural vitamins I acquired being outside all day, I would have been able to combat this cold. :)  I am thankful for the opportunity I had to bicycle to another place in the Tokyo area.