Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tokyo to Utrecht

Friday, July 29th, I departed from Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan to eventually arrive in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
At Narita, my plane to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong at the gate to board the plane to Amsterdam.
It is about a 3.5 hour flight from Narita to Hong Kong.  I had a 2.5 hour layover in Hong Kong and then flew to Amsterdam for a 12.5 hour flight.  I arrived in Schiphol at about 7 am, The Netherlands time on Saturday, July 30th.

Annette Huizenga-Kalma was at the airport to pick me up and visit them in Lippenhuizen, Friesland.  I have never been to Friesland and found it a lovely place, a lot of farmland.
First cabin
Annette and I went on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood.

They are building a new milking parlour.  
Lippenhuizen is having a 700 year celebration in September.
Of course I bought some zoute drop! 
There are a few Dutch food items that I miss.  One is drop, which I have not been able to find in Japan.  The other is ring wurst, and according to Annette, I had to have one, so she bought one specifically for me.  How good is that, eh?
Sunday, we went to church in Groningen and drove around.  We also went to Sneek, to see the sand sculptures and walk around the city center.  The weather turned beautiful which added to the great visit.

This has to do with World War II and the Jews being moved on the trains to concentration camps.

Church near the central square in Sneek

Ducking as they go under the bridge.

If your boat was too large, you can pay for them to raise the bridge.

Making a deal, a duck for a...
A typical walking street.
On Monday, Annette and Sjoerd took me to Rheden where I met my de Regt cousins, my mom's side of the family.  In the evening, Henk and Wies took me to Ede where I meet up with my Langelaar cousins, which did include my 93 year old aunt, my dad's sister.  The Dutch is coming along, although understanding it is much easier then trying to speak it.  Occasionally I manage to get a decent sentence out.  Most people here have some English.  I spent the night at Teus and Ineke's. Sorry totally forgot to take pictures, spent time chatting instead.  

Tuesday, I traveled by train and bus to Schiphol to meet up with Joel and Julie Holtrop.  
On my way to Schiphol by train.
They arranged for an airbnb in Utrecht for the rest of this week.  It is a neat place and gives a good feel of what it's like living here.  

Stairs up to where I'm sleeping, quite an incline.
The bedroom where I sleep
Looking down out of the window


Hallway to the front door
Living room with Joel and Julie
Dining room with window right by the sidewalk.
Sunday we head back to Amsterdam to connect with the bicycle tour.  I'm really enjoying this holiday.  Lots of memories coming back from previous visits to The Netherlands.  I have been very blessed to be able to come here and enjoy this time with friends and family.    

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  1. Glad you are having a great time Winn. You are experiencing what it is like to live for the bike tour! We loved having you over and who knows Tokyo 2020???