Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today I met a friend for lunch.  For those of you who know me a bit, would be surprised that I went to a tofu restaurant, named Imoto-ya.!  Yup, had to give it a shot.  The restaurant was located in Okutama. 
This is the restaurant where we had lunch.
The upper left is the dish with a form of tofu, rice, salmon and salmon roe.  To it's right is a thick sauce that can add flavor to the salmon.
 My lunch consisted of salmon with salmon roe on top, rice, tofu of various kinds and a soup.  One thing about Japanese eating is there is usually many dishes all put together on one tray for dinner.  I was very full and couldn't finish it all. 
Rie taking a picture of her lunch.  Look at that pile of soba!
Rie ordered a tempura with soba.  You tell she is enjoying her lunch and looking forward to it very much! 
Okutama is along the Tama-gawa River.  I have heard that some of the churches go to this river for baptisms.  I am not sure where along the river the baptisms have taken place, but it certainly is a beautiful place and I was glad I am able to finally go see it. 
Across the river, some more restaurants.
A waterfall of sorts.  It flows into the river.

We finished off our lunch visit with a coffee.  

Hot coffee and ice coffee! 
It was a fun afternoon and a great opportunity to see a part of Okutama.  There are many more beautiful places to see here in Japan and hopefully I'll have more opportunities to see them. 

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