Friday, June 5, 2015

MS Kanto Plain Band Festival

On Thursday, May 21st, I was able to chaperone the Christian Academy in Japan's (CAJ) MS band to the MS Kanto Plain Band Festival in Yokosuka at the Naval Base there. According to directions it says it's about 70 kilometers from school to Yokosuka.
I don't know if this is the actual route we took, but it's one that was shown on the map.
We gathered at CAJ by 6:00 am to make sure we would leave by 6:15 am or so.  We did manage to drive off before 6:30 am.  We were taking over 60 students and four different vehicles, two busses and 2 vans. 
Naoko Sawada was driving the bus I was in.
Looking back in the bus.
All was going well until we arrived at this spot.  It took us about 30+ minutes to get onto the expressway, needing to move only about 100 meters.

We were able to see Mt. Fuji clearly along the way.
Waiting at the entrance to the base.
All tolled, the trip took us four hours!  Some of that was also due to waiting at the Yokosuka Naval base entrance.  We had rented a bus and were unable to take the bus on base, which caused some of the delay.  The band missed their performance time, but they were able to give their performance later on.
Eating lunch

Mrs. Sawada and Mrs. Kim taking pictures.

Lunch was at the park right beside the food court.  I was a beautiful day and a beautiful place to have lunch.   Mrs. Kim treated us to a Cinnabon, which made lunch even better.  :)  
Between band performances
Another Kanto Plain MS band

We were able to leave by about 15:00.  The trip back was considerably shorter, probably about two and a half hours.  The scenery was very beautiful.  
Entering the express way.

Entering the tunnel
Going through the tunnel

So much vegetation!

Lush green country side.

We went through multiple tunnels.

Isn't this just a cute little green truck?  Look at those wheels, so tiny!
Beautiful sun on the way to setting.
It was a long day, but enjoyable as well.  The students did fairly well and received some positive comments from the judges as well as some suggestions on how to improve.  We are blessed at CAJ to be able to provide so many opportunities for students to develop their skills.  

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