Saturday, October 26, 2013

Catapults and Thrift Shop

This week, many at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) were praying for good weather today, Friday, October 25th.  Earlier in the week there were two typhoons heading our way, predicted to be in our area by Friday.  Friday was to be our Science Event, which was going to happen outside for at least part of it, and Thrift Shop.  As the week moved on, the weather predictions had one typhoon missing us and the other typhoon was downgraded to more of a rain event.  That would still have effected the events scheduled, but it was starting to look better.  
Friday was a half day of school and for about half of the half day, was the Science Event for the Middle School students.  Weeks ago, students had to choose whether to build a spaghetti bridge, mousetrap car, or a catapult.  They were given certain specifications and could make modifications along the way.  It was a lot of work, but I believe the students also were able to learn.  
I was working at the catapult competition, so I was not able to see the mouse trap or spaghetti bridge competitions.  There were also high school students who were sharing something about science in the building to those who came past their stations.  There were a lot of great projects!  
Going for distance

Shooting for accuracy

Getting these catapults set up to shoot bean bags.
As you can tell there was a sort of rain/mist but it was not a downpour, so it all turned out great!  
Friday and Saturday was Thrift Shop at CAJ.  It's like a large garage sale!  Friday, those who are a part of the CAJ family are able to go and purchase items and/or food.  Saturday, the community is able to come in an purchase items.  One thing I have found is that an event such as Thrift Shop requires many, many hands in order for it to go smoothly.  It is also a great opportunity for CAJ to interact with the Higashi Kurume community.  I helped on Saturday morning, at the registers, packing the purchased items.  It was busy and time went by quickly.  
This is where I worked on Saturday, other side of the table bagging goods. Sorry for the blurry picture.

The gym towards the end of the selling time.  

CAJ Seniors selling food and Nozomi selling jewelry in the foyer in the gym.
Over the years, CAJ has provided many great opportunities for service.   God has blessed me by being a part of this community. 

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