Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mashiko 3

Today was festival day in Mashiko.  Brian, Bette and I started our day early with some breakfast at Jonathan's and then on to Mashiko for the pottery festival.  Traffic was quite slow and it took us about 3.5 hours before arriving.  

Look down one of the main streets.
One of the main streets in Mashiko.
This is my third time visiting Mashiko and my second to the festival.  I'm starting to recognize the shops and the types of pottery they sell.  I really enjoy wandering through the shops and seeing what sort of unique items are displayed, whether that be the shape or the colors.  During the festival there are a large number of booths, so it fun to walk around.  
There's a lot of pottery but they also sell food.  
I was able to make a number of purchases, some for my office and some for my kitchen.  One thing I did not purchase was a fish-on-a-stick.  Brian says it's one of his favorites.  
It doesn't look bad, but it does have a lot of salt.
There is one shop that makes and sells indigo.  It's quite a fascinating place.  


Some finished products.
I ended my time in Mashiko with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, served in a ceramic cup!  
Sure tasted good after a good walk.  
I think I'll be up for another visit again sometime.  Thank you to the VanderHaak's for being willing to take me along!  

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