Monday, October 21, 2013


I have just arrive back at home after spending the weekend in Guangzhou, China at a Standards-Based Assessment Summit.  Jacquie and I flew out of Narita to Guangzhou on Friday.  Friday evening we just spent our time at the hotel, enjoying the amenities they had to offer.  We had a HUGE dinner but it was good.  
Steamed fish, tofu, mixed veggies, that was only a part of the dinner!
Saturday's session was primarily giving information on Standards based reporting and what it could look like.  
American International School of Guangzhou's library where we met.
We went downtown Saturday evening.  We ate at an American style restaurant.  
Chicken salad, sure tasted good!
Jacquie came eat too! :)
Sunday, the session were mostly focused on where your school was in the process of implementing Standards Based Assessment and Reporting.  Jacquie and I ended up discussing our plans for what we would like to do when we get back to CAJ.  
Sunday evening we ventured downtown again but this time to Beijing Street.  It certainly had a lot of people and there were a variety of foods available and many little shops.  There was also a part where they showed what the street looked like in the different dynasties.  Interesting.  
Beijing Street
The old street was covered with plexiglass.  
It was really interesting being in Guangzhou.  It was a good summit, where I was able to walk away for a number of ideas and resources.  Even though it was a short visit, it was a great adventure, walking through some of the busy downtown street of Guangzhou.  When I went away and came back, I realize how blessed I am to be working in Japan, at the Christian Academy in Japan.  :)

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