Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rykugien Gardens

Every once in a while Junko and I are able to take a field trip after church.  Junko is familiar with a number of places to see in Tokyo.  Some are well known and others are a bit more out-of-the-way.  Today we went to Rykugien Gardens.  It is known for the sakura (cherry blossoms) but they weren't out yet.

Weeping Sakura

Thatched roof from underneath

She's spinning a tea cup on top of the umbrella

It was a great afternoon.  As we were walking through the gardens, I asked Junko about her experiences on March 11, 2011.  Today in church, we had some quiet time during at the end of the service to pray for the people in Tohoku and Japan who are still dealing with the effects of the triple disaster.  I was not in Japan at that time, but can imagine that visiting gardens such as Rykugien Gardens is calming for anyone, but I can see God's beauty in creation as we were wandering on the paths.  It's calming to know that God is our refuge and strength, our ever present help in time of trouble.  Psalm 46

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