Saturday, February 27, 2016

International Secondary School visit

Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) provided and continues to provide a Christian education for many students.   A comment I have heard from teachers and principals from other Kanto Plain (Tokyo Area) International Schools, is that CAJ will accept students who have some learning difficulties.  We do have a support team that is willing to work with students who struggle, but we are not equipped to meet the needs of a large number of students who struggle.  So, we challenged ourselves to to find English International schools who work with these students.  We found one such school, International Secondary School (  

 They do not have a gym at their location, so they are able to use a nearby park for exercise and outdoor activities.  They also rent a gym for more organized sports such as basketball etc.
 The school is renting what looks like a former house.  They have converted it into small classrooms and offices.  Currently they serve 36 students with 8 teachers.  Their teacher/student ratio is 1 to 8 at the most, but many of the classes are smaller.

This is one of their classrooms

Upstairs hallway

Another classroom with Head of School, David Langill. 
Going downstairs
Main room downstairs with many of the students.  
 This school accepts students grade 5 - 12.  It is an English speaking school option for students who may need a different track than the traditional academic track.
It was an interesting visit and a good opportunity to make us think outside the box with regards to education.  Sadly, we have not been able to find an English option like this, that is a Christian school.  I will continue to pray for families who have difficult decisions to make for their children wanting a different style of English Christian education, here in the Tokyo.

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