Monday, March 28, 2016

Airi Ballet Studio presents Coppélia

At Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), a number of students are involved in activities outside of school.  One of our grade eight students has been in ballet for years.  The past couple of summers, she has gone to New York City, on her own, to participate in, I believe is a ballet school.  She has received a full scholarship.  This summer, she has a choice of going to three different schools in three different cities around the world.  

It was a privilege for my friend, Tamara and I to attend one of her performances, Sunday, March 27th.  we were at the Itabashi Bunka Kaikan (板橋区立文化会館大ホール) near the Oyama train station.  The program began with a recital with the various students dancing pieces in groups beginning with the youngest group, who were so terribly cute to what you could tell by their grace and level of difficulty, the experienced group.  All were showcasing their dancing abilities, whether the traditional ballet dances to the contemporary dances. There was a short intermission and they presented Coppéllia.  It was a three hour performance with introductions and program all in Japanese, but it was a very enjoyable evening!  Here are some pictures I took throughout the evening.  

Program Cover
Stage before the first performance

Our grade 8 student

Our grade 8 student.  Her teacher is behind her.
Coppéllia begins

Final Bow
A great way to spend an evening!  

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