Friday, October 9, 2015

SWOW (School WithOut Walls)

This week the High School students at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) experienced School WithOut Walls (SWOW) week.  Each of the High School grades had special out of the classroom activities.  Grades 10 - 12 were off campus for all or part of the week and grade 9 had activities either on campus or went for day trips.
So you probably wonder, what does that have to do with Middle School?  The SWOW activities require a number of staff to make it work.  Some of the Middle School and Elementary teachers are leaders or they prepare meals.  The grade 11 students go on a wilderness camp.  The class is divided into smaller groups and each of the groups begin in a different location.  Over the course of four days, the group, led by students, have to find their way to a common point where the bus picks them up on Friday and bring them back to CAJ.  One of our grade 7 teachers, Sachie, was a leader for one of the grade 11 groups.  Sachie is also the cooperating teacher for our student teacher, Hanna from Wheaton College.  Since Hanna took on a full teaching load beginning this past week, she was able to teach Sachie's classes while Sachie was at Wilderness camp.  Hanna is able to teach the class on her own, but for most of the time, either Sachie or I, her supervisor, sit in the class with her.  Since Sachie was at Wilderness Camp, that meant I spent much of my time each day this week, in Room 204.  I really enjoyed watching her teach and watching her develop relationships with our students.  I also had the privilege of getting to know Hanna a little better.
Hanna teaching about the climate zones. 
My view from the desk I was sitting at this week.   
So, I spent most of my SWOW week sitting in Room 204 with grade 7 students through Bible, English and Social Studies classes.  High School students had great experiences this past week, many of them they will not forget these for a very long time.  What a great opportunity these High School students had to see God's world from a different perspective.

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