Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kyu Asakura House

Today after church my friend, Junko and I went for a walk to Shibuya, to visit the Kyu Asakura House.  It is an important piece of property that the Japanese Government has declared this house to have a particular significance in terms of cultural history.

Entrance just past the gate
Guest entrance to the house
Path to the homeowners entrance
While we were there, they had a Haiku reading in the conference room.  We were not allowed in there.  All the rooms we saw had tatami.  You could tell which rooms were for guests and which rooms were for servants by the decorations used on the sliding doors or inside the rooms.  I thought regardless of the purpose of the room, it was really neat to see the decorative sliding doors on the wooden slots.  
The gardens surrounding most of the house were quite serene.  Both Junko and I couldn't believe how quiet and calming the gardens were even though were were right in the middle of a very busy part of Tokyo.  
This was taken from inside of the house. 
Also taken from inside of the house.
Entrance to the garden from the outside 
I love the large lanterns, but also the amazing tile on the roof. 

Another large lantern
This is the storehouse (Dozo).  They usually aren't attached to houses, but this one is. 
Yes, the air conditioner doesn't really fit in the picture along with the orange cones...
A canal we passed on our way back to the Shibuya Station on our way home.  
I am always grateful that I can go to places such as this one.  It makes me appreciate the Japanese culture and gain a little more of an understanding of where I am living.

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