Saturday, October 3, 2015

Event Supervision

At Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), many of our sporting events happen on Saturdays, at least that is usually true for Middle School events.  When CAJ hosts these events, there is an event supervisor, usually someone from the Leadership Team, to be there in case of emergencies or if there are issues.  Today it was my turn to be event supervisor.  We were hosting a Middle School soccer scrimmage against one of Higashi Kurume's club teams.  Our team did not fair very well, but I believe it was a good experience for our MS soccer team.
Coach talking with the players.
Working the defense
The other event today was SAT testing.  We had about 120 students come, some from CAJ but also there were a number of students who traveled here from China.  We had five classrooms with students.
Admission Policies!  No Cell Phones!  
Diligently completing the tests

Parents waiting in the Atrium

SAT paperwork that needs to be completed
Since I live right beside CAJ, I am able to pop home for a little bit during the events.  It allows me to do my laundry, wash my dishes, get some breakfast or do some house cleaning.  Everything went smoothly today.  
Now I'm ready for the rest of the weekend!  I thank God that he included a day of rest in the course of a week.  Next week will be a busy week with School Without Walls (SWOW).  The week provides great activities for our students.  Pray the weather stays nice and that all involved remain healthy.  

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