Friday, February 13, 2015

Some videos

Over the last few months, I've been taking pictures and some video of some of the interesting machines, trucks and such around here in Japan.  Some are quite similar to what you would find in North America, some are a bit different.  I have some friends who have children that may find this little video interesting, so I put it together.  If you're interested, you're welcome to look at it.  The best part is the little firetruck you find in the back of the big firetrucks.  I couldn't get a video of one coming out of the big truck, but I did get pictures of the little truck in the back of the big firetruck.

It was fun to look for pictures or take advantage of videoing machines at work.
This past month, I decided to go with each of the homeroom classes on their Homeless Outreach.  We would meet at 5:45 a.m. at the Higashi Kurume station and go down to Ikebukuro to pass out lunches to the homeless who stay in the station during the night.  One of the mornings, I ended up staying at the wickets in the Ikebukuro station and took this time lapse video.

Here is a compilation of pictures and videos of our homeless outreach during the month of January. 
I have just begun our winter break.  I have been invited by the VanderHaak's to go with them to the cabin up by Shichigahama tomorrow.  I am looking forward to a time to catch up on my class's assignments, maybe even work ahead as well as spending time relaxing, listening to the sounds of the ocean and spending some quality time with the VanderHaak's, Gibson's and well, my walking partner, Hana.  :)   

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