Monday, September 22, 2014

Residual Summer blog post

I know that summer is almost coming to close officially, with the fall equinox happening this week.  I do have a couple of pictures that I was unable to post earlier because they were part of a wedding video for my niece, Kimberley and her husband, Orisi (now my nephew!).
My and the bow. 
The finished bow, well, sort of.  We still had to do some adjustments. 
Some of you may not know, but I'm the antithesis of crafty!  I don't do crafty.  I have known to enjoy doing certain things here and there, but generally, I don't search for or seek out crafts to do.  I will help though.  That's what happened in the pictures above.  My sister-in-law Myrna, my niece Nicole and I spent one afternoon/evening working on making the big bows for Kim and Orisi's wedding.  Yup, I learned how to make a huge bow!  The turquoise material had a lot of sparkles in it and I was full of sparkles by the end of this craft.  It was kind of fun learning how to do put them together.  We actually watched a YouTube video that showed us how to put these bows together.

The second thing I was able to do, was to be in the video that was shown at the wedding.  In my brother's family, they have what appears to be a tradition; putting together a video that will be shown at the event, in this case Kim and Orisi's wedding.  I won't go into the scene, but it has to do with Kim driving, construction on the gravel road and her dad right behind her.  I was the flag person in this scene.  I had a reflector jacket, hard hat, sunglasses, stop sign and a wig.  It was fun to do.
Can you recognize me?
Kim and Orisi did get married the end of August.  The wedding was fun.  I'm glad I was able to be a small part of it, even though I was here in Japan during the event.  Thanks, for including me, Nick's family!  
Thank you all for following me along on this journey this summer.  I had a great summer, with a number of adventures and visits!  Thank you to all of you who showed great hospitality this summer and allowed me to crash at your place, to use your vehicles, take me in for meals, go on excursions with me or meet me for coffee.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you richly for the wonderful way you reflect Christ in your actions. 

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