Sunday, September 7, 2014

Matsukawa Place

Some of you are aware of my movements from place to place over the last months.  This summer while I was in North America, my possessions were moved from Shasta, to where I am living now, Matsukawa Place. 
Entrance to Matsukawa Place.
I live on the second floor of Matsukawa Place. 
My bedroom window.
The balcony outside my living room. 
I know it's been over a month since I've moved in and I am finally creating this post.  I found this move interesting because the previous moves I was moving from house to house, and there was quite a bit of room for a single person to have, in a 3 bedroom house.  Now, however, I have moved to a one bedroom apartment.  I was quite surprised at how much "stuff" I accumulated in a little over a year!  Hence, the reason it has taken a little longer to get myself situated. With less space, I have to be more creative on where I put things and figure out my patterns of living in this space. 

Front door
Entry way.
Toilet room.

Shower room. 
I need a night table or two, for my iPad, iPhone and my desk fan. Right now I'm using dining room chairs.
Living room and dining room.  Great couch for naps!
Kitchen, note the American size oven!
It is becoming my home and I am getting used to having things in certain places, but sometimes I still have to go sifting through the drawers and things to find something.  I've noticed that I don't have much to put on the walls.  I'll be getting some things yet.
I live right beside CAJ and sometimes when I'm sitting in my livingroom with the windows open, I can hear people talking as they are walking down the street.  I have to get used to the trains.  At the other places, I could hear the trains during the evening or early morning, but now that I live almost beside the tracks, I can hear them quite well. 
I always feel blessed that I have a place to live, a job to go to that I like, and good people to be with, both here in Japan and North America!
Feeling blessed! 

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