Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

I have been attending Tokyo Union Church down in Shibuya.  Each week, when I walk out the front door, I see the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream across the street.  Today I gave in and crossed the street to get a scoop of ice cream.  I know, not good for a person like me. 
When I walked in, there was the usual greetings you receive from the employees.  What was surprising is the person who helped me, immediately pulled out the English version of the menu and began speaking to me in English!  there was a new flavour, American Dream that had chocolate, caramel and waffle cone in it.  Yup, I figured for my indulgence for the week, I'd take a scoop of that in a cup. 

I have to admit, it has been a long time since I've been to a Ben & Jerry's.  I don't have any special relationship with Ben & Jerry's, but I think because I'm in Japan, and Ben & Jerry's is from the US, it looks appealing. 
I found the decor quite interesting.  Love the holstein cow patterns on the stools. 
One thing I did get to read, was that Ben & Jerry's appear to be conscientious about being environmentally sound, according to the posters and video they have on the walls.  They are committed to Fair Trade.  There are other things they mentioned on the walls of the shop.  You can google them and find out more about all their involvement in organizations related to the environment.  I enjoyed sitting there eating my one scoop of ice cream.  :) 
Isn't this just an interesting way to show a video?  The video was showing the many ways in which they were involved in helping make "the world a better place." 

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