Monday, April 28, 2014

Princess Who?

CAJ's Middle School Players put on the play, Princess Who? by Brian D. Taylor.  It's a fun play that sort of touches on many of the fairy tales we have read and listened to when we were younger.  The premise is that a princess wakes up in the forest and doesn't have any idea who she is or where she is from.  She travels through the forest to the different kingdoms and meets various characters who give her clues as to her identity.  
There were two performances, Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, with a parent preview on Thursday after school.  
The director, Raquel Dishner and assistant director, Julie Johnson did a great job with the actors.  Bette Vander Haak created a great set.  There were a number of parents and staff who helped with costuming, hair and make-up.  The performances went very well.  It was a great way to spend 90 minutes.  
Here are some pictures I took when I was attending Saturday's performance.  
The program. 
Waiting for the show to begin
Princess Who, Goldilocks and Snow White.

The seven dwarfs.
From Left to Right: Hippie, Giddy, Whiny, Nosy, Rowdy. The other two dwarfs not pictured were Guilty and Flighty.
Queen of the North was in a tizzy because she couldn't remember the name...(sorry for the blurry picture)
King of the South, Queen of the South, and the three good fairies.
Full cast.
This drama gave the opportunity for some students to shine.  It was interesting to see how the students portrayed the characters, some surprising me how bold they were.  It is great that CAJ gives students opportunities to try new and different things, discovering their God given talents. 

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