Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Festival!

He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed!  Those were words we repeated during our worship service this Easter morning.  Pastor Daniel talked about the various accounts of Jesus' resurrection.  We sang Easter songs, Low in the Grave Christ Lay, and Christ the Lord is Risen Today among others.  It was a nice service.
I decided to take the train to church instead of bicycling today.  That meant I walked from the Kotesashi station about a kilometer to church.  On the way I noticed that they were beginning to set up for a festival of sorts.  It looked like the stores had booths or tables out on the street.  The traffic was blocked off.  There was a part of the street where they had live entertainment.  It was maybe 2 blocks long, but neat to walk through after church this morning. 
Found the YMCA!  Not that I'd need it...
One end of the blocked off street.

Here's one of the entertainers.  You can't see him, he's waving that huge red and white flag.
They were a part of the show.

Guess who set this part up?
Firetrucks are interesting no matter what country!
After picking up something to eat, I hopped on the train back home.  I decided to pick up a couple of things at a grocery store, Ozam.  Every once in a while I run across items that remind me of different places, where I have lived.  This is one of those items.  
 I remember Orangina is one of those drinks that was pretty special when I lived in Coté d'Ivoire.  I bought one.  
It has been a good weekend, a time of remembering Christ's death on the cross and celebrating Christ's resurrection!  He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed!

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