Friday, September 6, 2013

Through the Woods...

Today is the first day of many of the sports competitions CAJ is involved with this fall season.  I volunteered to help with the cross country.  Basically I would hand out sticks with their place number to the runners as they cross the finish line or sometimes I have entered their bib number and other info into an IPad.  Usually the meets are at Tama Hills but today we were at a park.  It wasn't as steep of a route for the cross country articipants.  
We ended up getting a bit confused on our route to the park.  I was riding with Bette and we both were using our maps on our phones and the map she received from the cross country coach.  We ended up going in one big circle, which was kind of humorous.  It was an interesting route that had great bicycle paths and some pretty lush scenery.  It was a nice bicycle ride.  
Dome from the Seibu Lions baseball team

The dam between the two lakes. 
Looks pretty lush
This was a bridge we used but parked our bicycles because the path became very steep.
We did walk our bicycles up and down this path.  
Always find some sort of shrines or temples along the way.

Don't know what they were growing here, but it was all covered with a net.
Even though we took the long way to the meet, it was still nice to see parts I had not seen before.  

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