Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another bicycle ride

I love it when I can just hop on the bicycle and ride to places unknown or somewhat known.  The aspect of just being able to see another part near where I live can be intriguing.  So, what I usually do, is pick a direction and just bicycle.  There is no real rhyme or reason for what roads I choose, except sometimes if there is a good bicycling path or a comfortable space on the road, I'll take that road.  Sometimes the path doesn't feel very safe for bicycling, I will turn on a road and change directions.  Here is the path I ended up taking.  Do notice that occasionally I end up doing a circle which I am just looking around.  :)  
This is the map, time and distance.

It was an enjoyable ride.  The sun was out and the roads weren't too busy.  I ended up on a long bicycle and walking/running path that I had not seen before, or at least remember seeing (km 5 - 13).  It wasn't too busy, but I did notice that it was following the Seibu track for much of the ride on the path.  Here are some of the views. along the way.  
It looks like a mini-road but it's for bicycles and walkers/runners.

Remember stay to the left. :)
It wasn't until I got to the beginning of this bicycle/walking path that I knew its name.  
The Tamako jitensha dō Ave.  
The reason I knew I was heading to the beginning, is that the km markers were going down as I was bicycling.  Here is the beginning of this Ave. 

It is fun to just bicycle along, but at some point I have to look at a map and figure out how to get back home.  I am very grateful for the map on my IPhone.  It's helped me find out where to go many a time.  Today was no different.  
There was one place where I stopped and took a picture.  Doesn't this look like a fun activity?  It's kind of like croquet but  the mallets are shaped like sledgehammers.  They hit the ball on the side, unlike croquet.  The balls look to be the same size as croquet, but I have no idea if they are heavy or light.  Anyway, they were all busy playing away.  
See the flags?
They were aiming for the flags which had a type of space they had to get the ball into.  There were men walking around with clip boards that seemed to be monitoring the game.  It was all interesting to watch.  
It was a good ride for a Sunday.  During part of the ride, in my mind, I was singing a variety of hymns, especially when I was going down that bicycle path.  Parts of it were quite beautiful and so lush!  It was good to see another part of God's creation.  

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