Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hana and our walks. :)

This fellow was on my screen.  It's a cicada, which is the animal making that sound on the video in the last post.  
So, it's been a while since my last blog entry.  I'm pretty much into the routine again, although the learning curve is fairly high, I am establishing a routine. 
One routine that I have picked up from last school year is going over to the VanderHaak's to take Hana on a walk.  The first time I saw her after I got back to Japan, she was pretty excited.  I'm not sure if it's excitement to see me, or excitement for the walk that I probably represent.  

Here are a few pictures I took on some of the walks we've taken.  

Some days its really busy down by the river.

One day I saw this man taking a nap on a bench.

Hana loves to go into the water to cool down.  I'll walk in with her sometimes.  

Lots of other folks go into the water too.  

I noticed that the path along the river was quite overgrown in parts.

There were lots of garden plots being worked on.

Some parts of our walk are clear and easy walking.  

Look at how the garden grows!  
Walking Hana is great exercise and she's a great dog to take on a walk.  She's a great companion, even if she likes to stop and sniff.  :)  

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