Saturday, July 13, 2013

Up, Up And Away!

Since my last post, I have logged a few kilometers in airplanes.  What is neat about flying out of Abbotsford is that the flight path usually ends up flying past Mt. Baker.  It's really a beautiful view.
Abbotsford International Airport

Mt. Baker from the plane

Endless cloud cover

I landed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with enough time to attend my brother's surprise birthday party.  It was a success!  My brother, Nick, had no idea it was coming up!  Even his daughter had flown in for a weekend about a month prior to help plan and prepare a video, but he never saw her!  It was a fun evening.  The following day, most of us went up to Hague to church and visit at Nick's place.  That evening I stayed at my nephew's place, where he has a couple of turkey barns.  Saskatchewan isn't very hilly at all, but it is a beautiful place.  
Looking right when coming out of the driveway.

Looking left when coming out of the driveway 
Driveway to the house
I have since flown from Saskatoon to Baltimore, Maryland.  I am presently staying at the Bratt's.  I did go to DC SERVE Fairfax 2013.  

I have been busy visiting friends here, this week.  I have another week of visiting and a presentation at the SSCRC and then it's back to Saskatchewan.  I have been blessed with great hosts, great friends to visit and safe travels thus far!  God is good!  

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