Monday, July 29, 2013

Gone Fishin'

I had a great trip north of Prince Albert at Jan Lake in Saskatchewan.  I was privileged to go with my brother and sister-in-law to stay in their cabin for three days.  It is very close to Jan Lake, which is quite a big lake.  They have a pontoon and fishing gear, so we went fishing every day.  The weather was pretty good and the fishing was good, at least the first day for me.  It was a great respite!  
The cabin at Jan Lake

The dock on Jan Lake by the cabin
A walleye I hooked
That's the walleye off of the hook
Actually Nick and I worked together to catch the fish.  It jumped off the hook and Nick caught it in the net.  See how it bent?  
The walleye we kept the first day.

If you look along the shore, you'll see the black dot, that's the black bear that went into the water by McMillan Point.  
This part of the world is quiet, except for the different bird calls.  I think you can really hear God when he calls in a still, small voice in this country.  It was a great few days with a lot of good conversations and fun fishing!  A great place to relax!  Now, back to responsibilities.  

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  1. Winnie - I think you dethroned the 'champ' from Silver Spring with your catches this year!!