Friday, February 22, 2013

Science Expo!

Yeah!  Science Expo is over!  Oh, I didn't just write that, did I?  Looking back, I really think the students learned a lot about experimentation and the Scientific Method, by participating in the Science Expo.  Each student had to write a formal Science lab report, create a try-fold board and be able to make a short oral presentation to a judge about their project.  They did a great job and the evening and morning sessions went well.  Here are pictures of the gym, some of the tri-fold boards and experiment results.

Filtering water with different types of soil

Voltage from a kiwi and lemon

Making crystals

Growing plants in different types of soil

Surface tension


Elasticity of slime!

Making crystals

Effects of cola

Molding bread

Plants and food coloring

Banana decomposition

Growing crystals

Corrosiveness of different types of liquids

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