Friday, February 1, 2013

Rice, Snow, and Homeless

Every once in a while I find something that is unique to Japan, or at least based on my experiences, it is unique.  Here is a rice dispensary.  It's open 24 hours a day.  You can get rice anytime you want!  I guess that would make sense in a country where rice is quite important!  

Monday morning we woke up to more snow.  It wasn't fully anticipated by most of us as not all the weather reports indicated that there would be snow.  We did begin school on time and the snow was pretty much melted by noon.  I am not a person who likes the cold weather or even snow, but it does make things look clean.  Here are a couple of pictures taken on Monday morning
In the yard.
Down the street
This past Tuesday was my Bible class' turn for homeless outreach.  We met at Higashikurume station by 5:40 a.m. or at Ikebukuro by 6:15 a.m.  Some of the students were apprehensive about going, but were also excited.  After all was said and done, we all had a good experience and were able to minister to a number of people.  We even saw some of the men reading the pamphlet, which was quite exciting.  The students also commented on the fact that they saw some of the men eating their breakfast.  One student gave a great description when she gave her breakfast to a person.  She said she had this warm, good feeling.  It is good to hear that being a part of this ministry gives the Middle School students the opportunity to impact the world for Christ!
The "breakfast" I made for Homeless Outreach.  It was an obento, crackers, orange, and edemame.  A Christian pamphlet is also included.  
Some of my students on the train ride back to CAJ
Riding the train back to  CAJ
Resting after eating breakfast
Finishing up breakfast.
It has been a busy week at school.  We had our Homeless Outreach ministry on Tuesday, students are towards the end of preparing their portfolios for Student Led Conferences, working on their Science Expo projects and just working on the regular routine things. 
The Brain Bowl is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th.  The team of grade 7 and 8 students has been chosen and we are getting prepared.  We also have Winter Break coming up in a couple of weeks.  
Thank you all for your prayers and support over the last 5+ months!  The adventure will continue and I look forward to the challenges ahead!  


  1. Hi Miss. Langellar its me Simran I was reading the WCA blog and I saw yours!! So far nooo late assignments

    1. That's GREAT Simran! Keep it up! I knew you could do it!

    2. Hi Ms. Langelaar its me Edna!
      We miss you at wca(A LOT)

    3. Hi Edna, Thanks. I do miss WCA too, but I do really love my new job here at Christian Academy in Japan.