Friday, February 15, 2013

Brain Bowl!

Ok, to some degree, if you know me at all, Brain Bowl would not be some place you'd anticipate that I would be at, never mind being a coach for the Christian Academy in Japan Middle School team!  Yup, that was me!  Good thing I didn't need to participate in the activities, but help out by collecting papers, tallying, and just being around to help manage the students.  
Each school was allowed to bring up to ten students, although two out of the ten would be considered as substitutes but they were able to participate in the first and third round of activities.  The actual Brain Bowl event was at the K. International School Tokyo (KIST) near downtown Tokyo.  The schools that sent teams were English speaking schools.  
Each of the students were put into teams of four students, each student from a different school. 
To start off, the teams were to create a banner with their team name and make name tags.  After about 30 minutes, the first round began.  Each team was given and paper where they could write the answers.  Questions were read to the group and they wrote down the answers.  The questions varied from geography, to Japanese culture, to English, to Science, to Math.  Round two was a buzzer round.  Two teams went up on stage and questions were read and they buzzed for answers.  Each pair of teams were given up to ten questions. Next was lunch and then was round three.  This round consisted of a variety of questions such as logo identification, country identification, mazes and sudoku style activities.  
All in all, the day was quite fun, but I'm sure if I was a participant, my brain would be VERY tired!  Here are some pictures I took throughout the day.  

The heater was a close friend in the cold gym!

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