Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Saturday Walk along the Yanasegawa

Today is the first full day of Christmas break.  The weather outside was sunny but cool, a lovely day for a walk for Hana and me.  The route we took is one of my favourite routes.  I think Hana likes it too.  Enjoy the pictures.
This is our route. (I took this picture this evening, not after our walk as you can tell by the time.)
I know, we were going at a whopping 15 minutes and 34 seconds per kilometer.  Hana likes to stop and sniff as we go along.  The first kilometer today took over 16 minutes.
Hana.  You can see Mt. Fuji in the background.  It looks much closer in real life. Doesn't Hana look happy?

Looking for some food.

Still looking for some food.  We had walked to the bridge and were coming back on the other side of the river.

A duck just floating along.
They are doing some major erosion control construction on this section of the Yanasegawa.  Most of the rivers have some sort of erosion control along the banks or in the rivers.

 After we finished our 4.19 kilometers, Hana was ready for a rest.
Taking Hana on walks are great a way to enjoy the creation and a relaxing activity.  I am grateful for breaks like Christmas break, so I can relax, rest and recharge.
This time of year gives us opportunity to look forward to celebrating God's gift for us, the birth of his son who would die on the cross for our sins, as well as looking forward to his second coming.  Merry Christmas!

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