Friday, November 25, 2016

June 26, 2016 Field Trip

I have a friend and colleague, Junko Takahashi, who works at Christian Academy in Japan.  She also attends Tokyo Union church.  A few times a year, we make arrangements to go on a field trip after church.  We usually go to some special place that gives a feel of Japanese culture.  Way back in June, we went on such a field trip to a part by a small river.  Following are the pictures I took that day.

Paying respects at the shrine.

Looking down

Entrance to temple area



That is Junko Takahashi with the hat.

It is a beautiful place, calming and quiet.  I am amazed that in Tokyo, a place where millions of people live, there are places such as this park, where one can go to and feel like you're out in the country.  The Japanese know how to create peaceful parks and gardens amid busyness.  

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