Saturday, December 5, 2015

Takeyama Beach Company

I do not own a cabin at Takayama Beach Company, but I love going up to the VanderHaak's cabin.  It is a great respite.  I also love the beach, watching the waves come in and the sound of the waves very relaxing.  

My days usually start with a run or a walk down the beach.  Sometimes I come back and walk Hana.  The rest of the day can take a variety of different paths.  That's the beauty of being at the cabin, you can relax and let the day flow along.  One day, a few of us went on a walk to the "Horse temple."  Another day, I just sat in the cabin and wrote a paper for my course.  We also had an American Thanksgiving dinner with those who were at Tak that weekend.

There have been a number of trees taken down because of a pine beetle infestation.  This has opened up the view from Cabin 9 (VanderHaak's cabin).  One day the sun was shining and thought this was a very beautiful picture.
I was able to spend some time with Hana.  I am a dog lover and have been ever since I was little.  I grew up with dogs on the farm.  I am VERY grateful that the VanderHaak's give me opportunities to dog sit Hana and go to their place and take her for a walk pretty much anytime I can.
This was taken from the side of the hill.  You can see there is currently construction and the road has been re-routed so work on the berm by can happen.  You can see the construction in a couple of pictures below.

The reason we had days off from school, was for American Thanksgiving.  We do have a half day on the Thursday, which is when we travel up to Tak, so the dinner happens on Friday.  This year the numbers were lower but the food was excellent!  Bette spends many hours preparing a variety of pies for this meal.  They are all sooooooo delicious, that it's hard to only have one piece.  The strategy is to take small pieces so you can taste a few of the pies.  :)

I am VERY grateful for the VanderHaak's hospitality and the invitation to come along on weekends such as these.  It gives me a chance to slow down and recharge some.  I also enjoy my runs/walks through the villages and especially along the beaches.  I find these weekends prompt me to marvel at God's creation.


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. May God continue to bless you!

    1. Thank you so much, Holly! Hope Wichita is blessing you also!