Thursday, December 10, 2015


DEARAW, you say.  What is that?  Drop Everything And Relax At Winnie's.  One of the things I try to do, is provide a place for the Middle School staff to come and relax after school.  I usually plan these events in advance, sometimes on days when there are evening events at school.  For those who live close or live farther away, it is a place to come for some fellowship and food between the school day and the evening event.

Last Friday, December 4th, there was the High School Christmas Concert at Christian Academy in Japan.  I decided I would make some rice and peanut sauce, along with salads and some fruit.  There were about 11 staff that ended up coming over.  The highlight was the apple/peeler/corer I had out.  It was a fun evening to end a busy week.

I sure have bare walls, eh?

It was a fun evening and there were a number of compliments about the peanut sauce and rice, salads and being able to use the apple/peeler/corer.

I am grateful for a great staff and enjoy being able to provide these fellowship opportunities.

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