Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thrift Shop October 2014

Today I experienced my fifth Thrift Shop.  I am amazed at how much is in that gym to start with, how much is left and how much has to be brought away!  
Jazz band is setting up.
Seniors are selling food to help raise money for their trip to Thailand.
Selling hot dogs, curry rice and chili.
CAJ shirts
Here they were selling pie and ice cream.
Nozomi Project came down from Ishinomaki to sell their wares.
On the Friday of Thrift Shop weekend, the families and staff of CAJ are able to purchase items from Thrift Shop as well as the other booths that are set up.  I heard that yesterday they BBQ 100 kg of meat for the Korean BBQ!  That's a lot of meat! 
Many, many shoes, but not many my size!
Some great deals on children's clothes.
Toys and games galore!
Clothes, clothes everywhere!
I love it that they have mirrors so you can see how the clothes look on you. 
Various housewares!
Some more housewares.
Sorry for the unclear picture. 
The registers.
Waiting in line to pay. 
Saturday, Thrift Shop is open for the community, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  It is a little bit humorous as once the doors open, people literally run into the gym and run right to the place they want to buy something.  This year the first man in wanted shoes, so he took off to the area where the shoes were displayed. 
I decided to volunteer to help cut and bag at the registers.  I was at the Express Registers this year, but there was a steady stream of people waiting to buy their items almost the whole time. 
It does take an army to pull these days together.  The CAJ PTA does a tremendous amount of work and it does take hours afterwards to clean it all up.  It is a weekend that is full of excitement and it is a way for CAJ to minister to the Higashi Kurume community. 

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