Monday, August 4, 2014

Maryland and beyond!

I have been blessed with very good travels this summer.  I have been able to cross North America and visit with many friends.  Here is a little hodge podge of some of what I was doing.  I am very grateful to the Bratt's for letting me stay at their place.  The second week I was in Maryland, they went on vacation and I took care of Smoky and Tigger.  Smoky was a little more, ok, a lot more, camera shy, and Tigger wasn't, so here are two pictures of Tigger.

Let me introduce you to Tigger.
She became quite comfortable with me. 
I drove on the beltway a couple of times.  It wasn't long and I felt quite comfortable driving. 
I know, what am I doing taking a picture and driving on the beltway at the same time!  See how comfortable I got driving.  :) 
I even managed to get to the driving range and do a 1/2 bucket of golf balls with Jean VanDyke. 
Check out the form!
On August 2nd I flew from Baltimore to Vancouver, BC. 
Waiting for my plane in Baltimore.
Taking off from Atlanta

Storm cloud

Flight data as we were ascending

Some pretty views.
Saw a Five Guys as soon as I came off the plane in Atlanta.  Of course I had to have a burger.  :)
The sunset in Portland, Oregon. (Taken through the glass)
I am on the last stint for my summer travels.  I'm grateful for the many prayers raise for safe travels and am grateful that God has blessed me with many opportunities to visit with good people to visit. 

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