Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bienvenue au Canada!

So, I've made it safely to Canada!  I've been in the country for about 3 days.  Jet lag is still a part of my day and night.  I'm slowly adjusting to the time zones and getting used to some of the subtle changes from Japan to Canada as well as some of the bigger adjustments, like driving on the right side of the road.  :)  
For the first couple of days in Canada I stayed in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  It's what I consider my hometown.  Abbotsford certainly is not like it was when I was growing up, but it still is a nice place.  I have some good friends and family there.  
This is the view from where I was staying in Abbotsford.  
Friday evening I caught a plane from Abbotsford, BC to Calgary, Alberta, where my brother picked me up.  Alberta has a lot of wide open spaces.  
A residential road, I think we could fit 3 Japanese residential roads in this one!  :)
There are the familiar power lines...
Sure did miss Tim Horton's!  
Here we are!
Look at these lovely scenes.  
A family of Canada geese!
Interesting birds with blue beaks.
Look at that deep blue sky!  Note: no power lines!
All this visiting and seeing the country side has been great, but I also have papers to write for the course I'm taking in July.  It's great to be in North America. 

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