Friday, December 27, 2013

Temple Sale!

Today is the 28th of the month, which means that there is a temple sale at the Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin.  I have never been to the temple sale and thought it would be a good bicycle ride.  I started out at about 7:15 a.m. and was beginning to feel frustrated when my google maps would switch me from walking to driving directions, while I was on my bicycle.  I prefer the walking maps as the route tends to not follow the busy highways.  I haven't found a good bicycle map yet, but will work on it.  
I did end up making it to Kawagoe and found the temple sale.  
Lots of different wares.
I found a lot of people were in this stance while shopping. 
You can see the entrance to the temple area on the right, and some of the buildings, as well as the little umbrellas for the booths. 
My main purpose for going to the temple sale was to look for some fabric to use in my office and any articles that may be interesting.  I found there were a number of different things for sale.  Some were not appealing others looked interesting but wasn't sure if it was something I wanted.  Here are some of the things I purchased.  Actually, at one of the booths where I bought some of the fabric, the lady ended up giving me three of the smaller packages of fabric for free, "a gift" she said.  Wasn't that nice? 
An obi I believe
Found two with the same patterns
Three different colours!
I love some of the designs on these.
The last item I bought was interesting to me I have no idea what it is used for but it liked it.  I think it was the shape and the blue and white.  UPDATE:  This apparently is an old pillow!  Doesn't look comfortable to me!
Top view.
Top or Bottom?
Side view
Bottom or top.
The other side view
The frustrating part of the trip was the bicycle ride.  It was kind of bumpy and I was a bit nervous about the item I bought.  The other thing that happened is my phone fell out of my pocket while I was bicycling.  This is what is looks like now.  :( 
Sad, very sad...
Overall it was a good trip.  I was VERY cold on my way there as the temperature wasn't a whole lot above freezing.  It was warmer on the way back and I was glad to be home.  The total trip was about 40 km.  Not too bad.

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