Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last weekend before Christmas break!

Well, I am getting tired.  I am looking forward to the break, to be able to sleep in and rest my brain.  There have been a lot of things going on the last couple of weeks.  I am glad for the many good things, but it will be nice to be able to take some time to clean the house, go on a bicycle ride, sleep until I wake up... aaahhhh, I'm even looking forward to that more after writing it all down.  
Friday, December 13th was a busy day.  The grade six class had their Passover.  It is a great activity.  Pastor Teresa Sherrill (she has a daughter in grade six this year and is a pastor at West Tokyo Union Church) has volunteered to lead the Passover.  This year I took a larger amount of the bitter herbs (wasabi) than I intended and it did almost bring tears to my eyes!  
The tables are set.
One of the four cups, when we could sip the juice.
Washing of hands to symbolize the washing of feet.
Unleavened bread with haroset
The Fourth Cup
Friday evening there were a number of activities happening at CAJ.  We had the staff Christmas social.  It was a great spread of food, typical Christmas food like spiral ham but also a Japanese flavor of sushi.  Some of the staff entertained by singing Christmas carols.  It was a time of great food and great company.  
That evening there were two sporting events at CAJ, Varsity girls field hockey played The American School in Japan (ASIJ) and the Varsity boys basketball also played ASIJ.  There was also the Middle School Christmas Program.  This program is not as intense as the High School program, but it really is enjoyable to attend.  
Middle School Choir
Changing from a choir stage to a band stage.
Middle School Band
Saturday morning, the Middle School girls futsal teams traveled to ASIJ for a Jamboree.  We had four teams of girls playing in this tournament.  Each team was able to play seven - ten minute games.  The girls were pretty tired by the end of the seventh game.  They all did fairly well.  There were a few muscle strains and a twisted ankle by the end. 
ASIJ futsal fields
 The one thing I have been looking forward to is my cactus blooming.  I bought it with a number of buds. 
First day I bought it. 
This is what it looks like today.
It has started to flower, but there still are a number of buds that have not opened.  I think it may be a while before all the buds have flowered, which will allow me to enjoy the flowers even longer.  
I have enjoyed this weekend.  In the next couple of hours I will head to bed and rest up for the next two and a half days of school, with more activities planned.  Grateful for this season though and all that it means, Christ coming down to save us and we are able to look forward to Christ coming again! 

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