Monday, June 10, 2013

School's Out for the Summer, well sort of....

Today was the last half day of school for the students.  It was a fun day!  We first had an assembly in the auditorium, where we sang some songs and had Mrs. Hall the present MS principal talk about our theme this year and introduced our them for next year, In Domino Fortus, Strong in the Lord, with the verse Ephesians 6: 10.  
Next we spent some time with our own Homeroom/Bible classes, wrapping up the year together.  It was a good time talking about what students learned in grade six.  Wouldn't you know it, the new buzz word is "sheesh-kebabs!"  Yup, that's what I say quite regularly.  Funny thing is, when I asked the students what it means, they have no idea!  :)  
The next hour and half was spent playing kickball and eating ice cream.  The highlight of that 90 minute session was the grade eight students playing the teachers.  Since there were so few teachers and so many students, each of the students had to hold on to a partner at all times, that includes when they play in the field and when they kick the ball.  It was pretty fun.  Good part was that the teachers won!  
Grade 8 boys playing the Grade 6 boys

Grade 8 girls playing the Grade 6 girls
 After the kickball games, we all went to our grade level classes.  Each of the homeroom teachers had prepared a certificate for each of the students.  We passed those out.  
Getting ready to receive their certificates
Sorry for the blurry picture...

We ended the day with three students being given a shikishi and a friend prayed for them.  The three students were leaving for either home service or their parent's job transferred them to another country.  The students also shared good memories of those students.  We ended our time with a prayer.  
My students gave me a box of cookies and this...
Isn't this neat?
It was a fun day.  Now, I'm brain dead, but still need to work on report cards and we have meetings tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  Next week is Summer School!  So school really isn't out for the summer....

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