Sunday, November 11, 2012

Higashi Kurume Matsuri!

You wouldn't believe what happened after church!  I went to the Higashi Kurume Festival (Matsuri)!  They have these local festivals in different cities.  There was one in Kiyose, where I am living, but I didn't go there.  Higashi Kurume is where Christian Academy in Japan is located.
There is food and entertainment on the street that has been blocked off.  Lots of varieties of food and a large variety of entertainment.  Enjoy the pictures and the videos.

A Japanese playing a variety of non-Japanese instruments and American song!

Look at those Americans shopping at the broom shop

One of the floats that they carry in the parade (I didn't stay for the parade...but that's what I was told).

YUM Carrots!


Don't these look good?

A variety of leafy vegetables!

The three wheeled vehicle surrounded by fruits and vegetables!

Isn't this clever?

Dancers of all ages, notice the older lady's shoes, the younger ones are wearing two toed type socks.

A close up.

Some of the danders with the band providing the music.  

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