Sunday, December 17, 2017

API Cross Country, Guam

This year I had the privilege of chaperoning Christian Academy in Japan's Cross Country team to the Asia-Pacific Invitational meet in Guam.  There were seven females and seven males along with the 2 coaches.  A few moms also flew into Guam watch the races.  The days are generally very early wake up times and the races happen right after the sun rises.  It warms up significantly once the sun rises.
 We arrived at the hotel, Pacific Islands Club Hotel before midnight.  The moon was quite clear. 

The following day, the students had the opportunity to run/walk through the course.  That evening before the first race, we went to a great pasta restaurant.

 The Pacific Islands Club Hotel was a great place to stay.  They had a variety of pools and activities as well as some beach property.

The view from my room.

 The wake-up call was by 4:30 am, and we arrived at the field while it was still dark.  We were using flashlights, although you could see the finish.
 The John F. Kennedy High School hosted the API meet on their school grounds.  This year, they were doing some renovations, and we were unable to use one of their fields, so the route was marked out with flags.

Good morning! 

CAJ team after the first race
The beach by the hotel
The following day, was the relay race.  Each team was one female and one male. The females started on the first circuit which did include running on the beach.  They would pass the baton to their male partner who would run the same circuit.  Each runner ran the course two times, with the males finishing the race.

Starting line

An interesting plant.

Baton exchange area

Finish line

Waiting at the finish line.

That evening we had a banquet where trophies and awards were given out to the runners.  CAJ did well at this cross country meet.  Our students are able to build relationships with fellow High School students from International schools in Asia. I am grateful that I can chaperone CAJ's cross country team. 

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