Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dare for Compassion

Christian Academy in Japan's Middle School Student Council (MS StuCo) has one of the tasks of raising money from our Middle School student body, for our three Compassion International children that we support.  They find ways to keep our commitment to support these three children.  Teachers sometimes are able to integrate the information about these children and their countries into the curriculum, which raises awareness among the students.  One of the difficulties is that CAJ is not in session during the summer months, but we have to continue send in funds.  We challenge the students to find ways to raise extra money to tie us over the summer months.  This year the Middle School Student Council decided to have a Dare for Compassion, which was a successful High School Student Council fundraiser.  They had to recruit teachers to agree to do something as they reach certain levels of giving.  Our goal was to reach ¥50,000.

At the ¥20,000 mark, the MS StuCo would do the ice bucket challenge.

At the ¥30,000 mark, two of our Middle School teachers agreed to dye their hair.

At the ¥40,000 mark, another Middle School teacher agreed to wear a costume for a whole school day.  The MS StuCo could choose what costume she had to wear, a wedding dress.  We found this dress and veil in the costume storage room.

At the ¥50,000 mark, I said I would be willing to cut all my hair off.

They were successful in raising over ¥50,000!  You may wonder why in the world did I agree to this?  I have two reasons.  First reason is that I remember when I lived in Coté d'Ivoire and would go into the villages, many of the children had their heads shaved.  The second reason is it will be a prayer trigger to pray for our three Compassion children, Merlin, Samuel and Elizabeth.
We had a great MS StuCo, who worked hard this past year under the great leadership of Mrs. Roe.  I am blessed to work with all the Middle School teachers who care for and love the students who are in their classes.  

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